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Camping equipment for rent

We have all the equipment you will need to enjoy your stay at Torres del Paine National Park and other natural areas in Patagonia.

Tents for 1, 2, 3 and 4 persons, sleeping bags

carpas Marmot y Eureka..sacos northface y Marmot -10ºC..

Stoves, cooksets, dishes and utensils

ollas y anfes . combustibles anafe servicios y vajillería ...

Backpacks and trekking poles. Jackets, pants and gaiters

. parkas, polainas y pantalones..

Mattresses (inflatables and polyurethane). Ice and rock climbing equipment

colchonetas inflables y de espuma .cascos, piolets, mosquetones, etc...

Radios, lanterns, batteries, chargers



. . ..

Quinoa and honey

Patagonia Austral / Chile
Eureka Marmot NorthFace Marmot