What is 4Elements? We are still discovering it. The elements bring the idea of a primordial nature, and we believe that's what we witnessed in the high Andes. 4E is about saying thank you to the earth which carries us all. About finding ways to help with the pollution and environmental degradation the world sees today.

We think the answer is to do what you do the best, and then communicate it to the major numbre of people. We are addressing scientists and social organizations with our services and pilot programs. This is the way 4E has choosen to tell about this new way to work together with nature.

4E Programs:

- Field Research Logistics: Services for scientific research in Patagonia terrain, with an emphasis on 100% retrieval of materials. Nothing is left in Patagonia, all goes to recycling centers.

- Deep Recycling: Experimental program to develop and demostrate new techniques for smart recycling..

- Environmental Education: We offer practical courses and demostrations to organizations and companies with an interest in learning about recycling and keeping nature clean.

- The Recycling Hostel: Our center of operations and experimentation headquarters. The Hostel offers lodging for groups which are participating in our programs, with a very special twist, you will learn to handle the elements that come from men and the pachamama.


Patagonia Austral / Chile