People who has been a landmark in the paths of live, our closest friends, brothers and sisters.

Pablo Potocnjack : Teacher of the soul. Mountaineer. If you need to ask somebody about all this... find the person. It all started in a very small kindergarden, in a small school long ago. Tío Pablo
Pancho Vio: Director of "Escuela de Guias de la Patagonia" located at Coyhaique, Chile. Mountaineer brother from the former years. Please enjoy the sweet taste of education at its fullest, visit him at Escuela de Guias . Pancho (al medio) junto a Trauko y Mario
Meike Grudmann: Engineer, and horse whisperer. She helps us with German PR and tells us when we are dreaming too high. Meike junto a Mario
Eduardo Castillo: Engineer. Mounatineer brother. He has an exceptional hostel in Santiago. Highly recommended: Hostal de la Barra
Arturo Silva : Biologist. Phd in Ecology. Currnetly radicated in Mexico. Brother from the former mounatineering years. Arturo Silva
Paul kozelka: Journalist. Currnetly radicated in Brazil. en acción en Rio
Nicolas Recabarren, Neitor : Architect specialist on bioclimatic design. MOUNTAIN-biker. Same blood family.

Paul Walker : Director of

Friend from the old mountains. He has cultivated the art of goatherding in the high mountains for an eternity. Today he specializes in training horses and humans the gentle way. Visit him to learn about the bitless bridle.


Camilo Traub: Sports teacher. He works with children on outdoor activities courses.

Karin Ekholm. 4E International Representative. Karin Ekholm
Verena Michels: Friend of 4E


Patagonia Austral / Chile