Think, Mix the elements, Do it!

Yes, we have such a mantra, and it works. Do you need to lift a one Ton machine? Find some old wooden trunks and some ropes, there it flyes the machine. Maybe you need to compact materials to have them accepted at the recycling centers? And there's no sponsorship for buying a compacting machine in South America? Hitch hike to Sweden, get in contact with the right people and bring the machine by ship all the way back to Patagonia. If you have something to compact we can help! Please find below the meaning we give to the word "How" here at 4E.

Claiming back an old house which became a center for creation: Building thermo-acoustic panels with mud.


Separate, reuse, compact and recycle our and our friends "elements"


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Storing, compacting and transporting

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Recycling centers


Patagonia Austral / Chile